Gold Dust at Yosemite

So after some pretty winding roads in a dark snowy evenings, a road closure sign and a 4 hour detour, we reached Yosemite a tad exhausted. Thanks primarily to the 3 hour time zone difference, the biological clock was spot on for 5:30 AM waking up next morning which led to some fantastic early morning shots.

We waited for the light a little bit to hit the peaks and Yosemite falls, and we got some real gold dust on our viewfinders! After an hour of clicking, the toes and fingers were practically without sensation – my mitten gloves and sneakers certainly not helping the cause. It felt like walking on prosthetics, and my mouth started freezing (as usual), and by 8 AM I was struggling to pronounce single syllables! A couple of hours later in the room, I looked at the pictures and they were well worth it!

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