Day 7 – Elks, Falls, Springs and Chinese Food

We had a lazy start to day 7, and an early dash to the supermarket ensured we had everything covered. The Montana State liquor store happened to be right inside the supermarket, and we came back with the fine Mr Jack Daniels and swashbuckling Mr. Jose Cuervo (I call them “JD and JC”) . Yes, no more waiting for the little party we have been planning!

The bright weather pleasantly surprised us again, and we drove up north towards the Mammoth Hot Springs, with the many falls of Yellowstone on the way. But it was elks and herds of bison that got us started, more than falls and springs!

I had seen some fantastic pictures of Gibbon Falls on flickr that I planned to reproduce, but the volume of water made it nearly impossible to get the effects of the slender strips of water. At Undine falls, the sun played hide and seek every few minutes and made it difficult to plan and execute a long exposure shot of the water. I guess that’s what photography is about – being well prepared, with the right equipment, at the right place, at the right time. And between two opportunities, working at perfecting your technique. It’s hard, requires time, money and passion. While there’s usually no shortage of passion, the lack of time and money and sometimes the lack of preparation ensures that you depend on being lucky most of the time.

The hike down to the head of the Undine falls was a good energizer. Vishnu went all the way down and dipped his feet to some real icy cold water, while the rest of us enjoyed the view of the deep gorge from the terrace. Some fun photos of the group on the hike back turned out real nice and will definitely go back into the albums.

Mammoth Hot springs underwhelmed at first, but as the setting sun enhanced the colors of the bacterial algae, we got some real good shots. Anu unleashed her artistic side with some fantastic composition ideas that will surely make flickr headlines!

Souvenirs were in order next – t-shirts, fridge magnets and little wooden bisons for our living room.

The Chinatown restaurant makes some fine chinese food for a steal, for those who like their Asian fare. But no dumplings or dim sums, and only Lo Mein for noodles. We packed some food, as little Saanvi was pretty exhausted after all the day’s activity. Later, a couple of card games, some funny old anecdotes from college days, JC and JD  and lots of laughter filled the night.

We have had a great trip so far, and it’s coming to an end soon. Tomorrow will be our last real day of exploration, with Friday reserved for driving back the long road from Cody to Denver.



  1. What’s bacterial algae?? It is either bacteria or algae, can’t be both; or did you discover some new species!!! Glad you guys are enjoying, can’t wait to see the pictures.

    1. Scientifically, it’s blue-green algae or cyanobacteria – the park leaflets and literature say “Bacterial Algae” for the biologically challenged!!

      The many different colors they come in are just mindblowing!

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