Day 6 – Boiling Basins and Spewing Geysers

The less I talk about postcard like landscapes, the better. I actually, can’t. No, I am not tired of talking about it. It’s just that I am doing a pathetic job of it, and I don’t want Yellowstone and Grand Teton to suffer on account of my limited vocabulary. I will let my pictures tell a little bit of the snow capped peaks and the Jackson Lake experience on the way to Yellowstone.

It proved to a bright sunny day, contrary to the weatherman’s predictions – and that meant we went straight the midway geyser basin to shoot the Grand Prismatic. The colors of the Grand Prismatic, they say, are due to bacteria and other micro organisms – well they sure do a fantastic job of adding color to the landscape!! What colors! The place looked absolutely alien and the terrain looked right out of a sci-fi movie. We decided to hike up the little hill at the back of the Grand Prismatic to get a better photographic opportunity. The hike was tricky, but well worth the view we got in the end.

Bisons and ravens were the wildlife attraction of the day and we saw them in plenty. The ravens especially, with one of them perched on to the rear view mirror of our SUV, refusing to go away! We haven’t seen any elks, mooses or bears yet, but hey, there’s 2 more days to go. Who knows!? I would certainly love a grizzly experience – from far of course!

We ended the day at the Old Faithful, which I must say disappointed a little. I always thought the eruptions continue at the same force for a good 5-10 minutes, but that proved to be incorrect. It spewed with all its force for exactly 30 seconds or so, and then gradually faded away in intensity. But then, it’s old, and it’s faithful (erupts every 80 minutes or so) – you can’t complain!

 Tomorrow, we will go back to see the Falls, and maybe explore West Yellowstone, MT a little bit as well.

 Yellowstone is riveting in its beauty, in it’s fragility, in it’s uniqueness. I am glad we came.

 Signing off…

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