Day 5 – Islands, Lakes and Rainbows!

It must have been 5 degs C as we left Richfield, UT on our way to Jackson, WY. The key highlight of the morning was an extended power-cut in Richfield! Yeah!, It also happens in the States! The checkout staff could not print receipts – “The computer is down, – no power!”. We of course forgave them and started northward towards Salt Lake City. Our destination – Antelope Island and the Great Salt Lake.

I just assumed that the salt flat and speedways were close to the Great Salt Lake and that proved to be a costly miss. As we closed in on Antelope Island, we realized Bonneville  was way down south and would be a 2 hour detour. I had always wanted to see the Bonneville speedway, especially so after I saw Sir Anthony Hopkins play Burt Munro in “The World’s fastest Indian”. But that has to wait now, for another trip, another day.

Antelope Island was quite a sight! You had a great lake, tall snow capped mountains, lush greenery and a beach – all together!!! We kept discussing how awesome it was –  to have breakfast near Bryce Canyon , lunch in Antelope Islands and Dinner at Yellowstone (Jackson Hole – we would be there by night) What else do you need?

We drove around Antelope Island and got some great pictures, both of birds (Vishnu making fantastic use of his telephoto) and vistas (thanks to my new wide angle). It would be great to print all of our trip pictures into a book of sorts, we dreamt! What a thing that would be!

Just as we were fantasizing our photo book, it started raining for a bit, stopped and then a bright sun came out – and that led to this fantastic phenomenon we humans call “rainbows”. This must be one of the best, brightest I have seen in my life. Take a look at the pics – you will know!

Rains started getting heavier as we entered Wyoming late into the night, and the road to Jackson Hole was pretty tricky, with flashing head lights, heavy rain and nearly invisible road signs. We checked in around 11 PM into Parkway Inn – lovely place.

 Cup noodles again for supper! I am dying for some fine Scotch and Tandoori chicken!

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