Day 3 – Majestic Monuments and Breathtaking Vistas

I will have a hard time describing in words, what we saw today. ‘Overwhelmed’ is an understatement, and a severe one. If you were to ask me “Just how much rock can you see in a day?”, I would tell you “All day, All week,”. Man, I could live here for a lifetime!

We took a slight detour into the Colorado National Monument on the way to Moab, and what a detour it was! Perhaps the most fascinating detour I have have ever taken , anywhere. Majestic, to say the least. The winding roads took us through the rock formations, offering breathtaking vistas on every turn on the rim.

If Colorado National Monument was a teaser trailer, Arches National Park @ Moab did prove to be a worthy full length feature!! We started with the jaw dropping “Park Avenue” experience. The windows and the turret arch followed next, and the story just kept building up! Really, how much rock can one see? I could have sat there the whole day and still complained of being rushed!

How does one explain the terrain of Arches National Park? How does one explain giant holes in rock faces that are themselves extraordinary to say the least? How can magnificient edifices like these happen out of chance? It was surreal, unreal – almost like a dream, a fable, a fantasy out of a JRR Tolkien novel!

Well, just when I was thinking this thing, it all got even better! – Delicate Arch. The trek of 45 mins was painful, given my endurance limitations! Anu beats me fair and square in any endurance sport, and reached the top without breaking a sweat, as I sweated, huffed and puffed my way up to the top. Gusty winds welcomed us at the top. And boy, what a view! Beautiful and haunting, with its very own amphitheater, the Delicate Arch was a sight to see! I have probably not seen a grander rock face ever!

We braved the winds for a good 40 mins at the top before taking enough pictures and deciding to turn around. The sights danced all over my mind as we trekked back to car, under the twilight. It was getting dark, and my little LED torch (bought during last year’s grand canyon tour!) came in handy.

Bryce Canyon, tomorrow!

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