Day 2 – Changing terrains and the drive to Grand Junction


The day started off in a classic lazy, holiday mood, buying souveniers before we had breakfast! And after a late, late breakfast at 12 noon, we headed out towards Grand Junction. We drove out of the Graden of Gods with some very scenic sights all around.


Awesome vistas, wide open plains, followed by ascending mountains, dipping through canyons awaited us. I could not believe terrain can change so much in the span of 400 miles! The drive through the white river national forest was just unbelieveable – pity we didnt get a chance to get down and take pictures! Canyons either side of the road, with the river flowing next to you – simply breathtaking!!

There was still a lot of snow in the Vail area – even towards the end of May! Mkaes you wonder – do these things ever freeze!

To me the drive through the Colorado heartland was dreamy, beautiful and desolate, in a haunting kind of way. I like that kind of beauty in nature. It somehow makes me feel that I belong, makes me want to stay.

I can’t help but remember the night we drove back from Kruger National park in South Africa, nearly 5 years back – that sudden urge to stop the car, take a  U-turn and go back forever. Yes, the feeling was very intense.


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