MSN’s I-day criminal act

On the 60th year of independence and msn got a little nostalgic. The peculiar thing about such nostalgia is, people start making lists. Lists of great people, defining moments, architects of the country’s development, trendsetters….. It goes on and on.

And so did msn. The 60 architects of India. And who do we have?! A Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Sania Mirza, Ritu Kumar, Mata Amritanandamayi, Kiran Majumdar Shaw !! And we have Sonia, but no Rajiv or Indira!! We have a BR Ambedkar, but no Sardar Patel! We have a Kishore Kumar, but no Mohd Rafi! There’s a plethora of people from Bollywood, a lot of super-rich movers and shakers, a lot of sportspersons under “TrendSetters”. Dr. Devi Shetty from Bangalore !!! Where did Homi Jehangir Bhaba go? Where’s Mauala Azad?!! And yeah, who are in there, Mata Amrita..(Hug me people!!), and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Ya, Osho and Satya Sai are old fashioned already!!)!!?! Baba Amte, rings a bell??!!, people…??!! Dr Radhakrishnan, ever heard of him ?!!

The super-rich movers and shakers include Capt Gopinath (Air Deccan fame, Somebody should tell him to clean the seats on his airplanes, they smell of ketchup, usually have a 1 inch layer of dust and almost always are wet with sweat!! Ya go on, blame it on the people!!), NRN (for a change, I agree), Lakshmi Mittal (Now I am on the fence!), Prannoy Roy, Madame Shaw, Indira Nooyi (Watch out Mrs Gandhi, your name’s taken!!), Azim Premji, KV Kamath!!

Whats the bloody criteria?!! The feeling one gets after reading this kind of nonsense is utter disgust!! What right does the media have to change the history of this country?! I mean how can you call an Indira Nooyi an architect of modern India !? No disrespect to the lady, she is an achiever, yes, and thats where she should be, an achiever’s list!! What’s msn trying to do? Influence public opinion about whats good? Change our history books!!? Or are they just selling other articles on msn that cover these movers and shakers, getting their hit rates up! Selling their ads !!? Deep linking more information found elsewhere on msn on these so called architects!! This is crime!!

And yes, Ritu Kumar, yeah , the designer, yeah, she is on the list too!! And take this, she is in the “Larger than Life” section!! In all those years when we were away, she quitely went about architecting modern India and in due course of time attained LargerThanLifeDom !!! Bravo!! Women of this country, if you want to contribute to the country’s cause, here’s your example!

Pity they missed out Shekhar Suman, Navjot Sidhu, Raju Srivastava, Sunil Pal. At least these guys make the average Indian’s evenings way more exciting!! Yeah, and how about Mandira Bedi, Anu Malik, Mayawati, Rajnikanth and Sonu Nigam !!?! Mr Editor from MSN, maybe you should redo your list !!eh !

Well, folks, this listing does prove one thing. It does say what sells in India right now. Money sells, Bollywood sells, fashion, page3 sells, and yeah, pepper in a little bit of pseudo-patriotism (Gandhi, Nehru, Bose, they are still there!! Phew !!). If thats a reflection of what the average Indian likes to read, god save this country. Surely, giving Bhaba, Patel and Maulana some credit to building India does not mean we are old fashioned!!!

Does India live in its 5 big cities? On the page 3 of newspapers ? Is India about the stock price of an Infosys, a Wipro or a Biocon? Is India about fashion designing, about Bollywood stars, about cheap airfare, cunning god-men, superstitious people who hug a god-woman to get rid of problems, about Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachhan and Aishwarya Rai, about an Indian woman who’s running Pepsi !!? Is this what India is today? Are these the icons of modern India, whose Per Capita income still lies at a miserable 118th in the world list? Where its difficult to find a 10m stretch of a road without a pothole, where corruption is still rampant, where poverty still reigns, where more than a million kids beg on the streets, where religious fundamentalism still wins votes, where casteists still play cards with reservations, where sick people sleep on hospital corridors, where slum dwellers get bulldozed without any hope of resheltering, where cities suffer from reactive planning, flyovers take years to build, metro rails are a thing of the future, airports are sickly crowded, where people on the streets are anything but polite, where food, shelter and clothing, the basic necessities are still a challenge for the majority!!?!!

If these are our real problems, should we not rethink our scorecards, MrEditor!!? Well, I must thank you for not forgetting Mother Teresa! That would have been such a shame !!
Who writes this kind of content for you!? The credits include content source as “India Syndicate“. Who are these people? Where do they work?! Can we find them?! Can we keep punching them under the belt till they cough their pseudo-patriotism and their Page3 sentiments out?!!! Can we drag them out on the streets and parade them naked. Can we whack them till they remember their Indianness and do something meaningful with their lives. If you cant contribute, please can you at least have the good manners to show a little conscience and not try to cash in on the Independence Day!!?

I wonder what goes on in their heads when they sing the national anthem and look at the Indian flag.

The media in this country is a propaganda machine, a cut-throat business where air-times, website-hits and newspaper circulations drive the news.

News in India, today, is what sells, not what matters. 


  1. Yep, Page 3 sells indeed,
    same thing came to my mind when i saw ‘lead india’ in TOI today…..

    where v goin?

    Y do v forget our original heros? y hard work dont count nymore?

    Whts solution?

  2. I dont know what the solution is, but I feel as part of the educated lot, people like us need to voice our opinions about the media.

    I hv been itching to write one about Television. Especially about “Aaj Tak”. These guys just go overboard with literally everything. A closer look at our current problems, social issues will reveal that the focus of the news channels is entirely different. The one and only objective is to sensationalize stuff and sell.

    I honestly feel people of this country deserve better.

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