kitwiz, nature and ACO

kitwiz is now up and running albeit not with the same look and feel that I hoped to create. One often feels most websites lack the fine balance between information and presentation. Just how much information does a viewer read? How long does he stay on the page? What is it that pulls him back?


Things I would like to change would be:

The logo
The top banner
Table border / round edges
Put more flash content

Its ironic that the best look and feel comes from a more in depth study of the content. Work the content architecture out, and you would know exactly what to focus on. These are things I would probably correct in saltpepperchilli. Hope I dont get drowned in too much planning.

Been dying to buy a high end machine for the graphics.. Maybe work a bit on Maya, Swift3D, more of flash. There’s this urgent need of more hours in a day. I wish I had 30 of them, pack in some reading as well. Pulse was a good interlude. Everyone speaks of the same thing. Innovation at the crossroads. Frans Johansson talked about that in Medici Effect. Frenay narrows it down. Nature, as we know it, is perhaps the most complex and reliable system that was ever created. Software systems since ages have always followed the reasl world. We had object orientation, a blatant copy of the real world. And now, we have service orientation, which models the real world even more.

So what are we getting to. More and more complex systems, more and more deeply interlinked systems, that are simple in singularity, but achieve extremely complex goals when knit or woven together. Does that not sound like the quintessential SOA app!? Is that not what nature is all about! The human body, gazillions of small systems working together in harmony, ORCHESTRATED into a whole that is more than the sum of its parts!!

Understanding eco-systems obviously is not a simple task. So, anyone who says “Plant a tree and you will stop global warming” is only telling you a 30K feet view. That does not mean he/she is sensitized to the environment. Ask the indigenous tribes of africa, the bushmen of kalahari and they will you the exact same thing! And all that, without any formal education, access to scientific information, exposure to media! Now that comes from deep understanding. It takes a kind of yin-like intuitive wisdom (Forgive me Dr Capra, for using your words. I am a ardent fan!!) to understand that. Deep-ecology.

Complex systems such as SOA applications would slowly pave the way for software systems that extensively model the environment. And I am sure in the process, teach the common man about the marvel of nature.

As indebted I am to Dr Fritjof Capra, David Frenay, Johansson and so many other visionaries, I also want to thank the guy who applied ACO to solving traffic congestions. While I moved on with my research work following link after link on the internet(which has become an amazing deep linked ecosystem by itself!), I found ACO. Ant Colony Optimization. How does an ant find its way to food? Pheromones that vanish. Fluid movement of an ant colony from one area to another. Amazing! Traffic Congestions solved through ACO, now thats news! Whoever this guy is, he is cool. I like such guys. No offence to Mr. Hawking and Mr Einstein, the gods of theory, but in my book, the guy who applies it deserves as much credit. Electricity did not sell, till Edison made the bulb affordable!

Complex eco-systems, SOA, is here to stay. Since I am the goddamned SOA architect, that means I have got food on my plate for some more time. No wonder I hate the guy who talks about the next big thing on the horizon, “self healing systems”. I want my healing processes to shut down before that sees the light of the day. That would certainly be the “Rise of the Machines”!! Won’t it!?

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  1. Hi Deb,

    The site looks great…& here is a small confession… i feel that we are not 1/2 as committed as you are!! Also, i realize that i just work for client approvals :-(((( its time, that i go back to my initial days in agency, when, i used to think on behalf of client & not like client….

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