A day in the life of an Architect

Drawing boxes isn’t easy, as I thought earlier. Not that the arrows are any easier! Right now, I am loving the challenges that come with it, and the ‘living-up-to-it’. Works as my creative outlet.  A great deal of importance naturally falls on communication and presentation of ideas. Ideas in your head are no use unless they can be communicated, clearly.

The scope of creative thinking here is amazing. The successful application of real world concepts to a software problem is I guess like a real time strategy game. A job well done has its rewards. Its like winning the age of empires and then sitting down to have a bottle of beer. One feels good at the end of it.

This week was spent in pondering over meebo, RSS feeds, del.icio.us. All of which I think are ground breaking. Especially del.ici.ous and RSS feeds. The tipping point has started to give me ideas. Computer viruses have had this theme since ages, what probably is needed is a positive application of the social epidemic in a software context.Gladwell and Booch should come together and do some patents and show us lesser mortals some more possibilities, some interesting breakthroughs!

Whoever said, the age of inventions is over !!

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