bupkis !

Seinfeld ?! Aw, shut up, enough already.. !!

Jerry’s jewish upbringing shows. The man loves his Yiddish words, doesn’t he ?! Well, sort of like the NYC-Jewish-American inclination of the sitcom. Not all bupkis I tell you !!


Well, in 'The Glasses' (Season 5) Kramer gets the 30% discount and says George needs to just mention his name ! George does just that, goes to J&T opticals, picks up his (eh!) ladies’ frame and just when the cranked-up-sugar-freak proprietor asks for an advance, he does it. Who else cd with so much style and panache say ‘Kramer’, and that smirk on the face!!

That’s a COSTANZA special !!

No disount. Bupkis.

I cant see how I can avoid my exclamation marks when I write about Kramer or George !! Can you ?!

Enough kvetch-kvetch already , as Jerry wd put it.

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